123movies: Why Watching Movies Is A Good Pastime

When we were young, our parents usually prohibits us from watching too much television. Likewise, educators and psychologists are almost one in saying that watching movies has direct relationship to violent tendencies and low performance in school. I am not disputing these claims because they are based on scientific studies and observations. However, I would like to point out that watching movies is not all cons; there are good sides in movies too. To watch movies for free, visit 123moviesunblocked.net.

Some of the benefits of watching movies are:
• It is a good tool in educating people about issues of the society and can be very effective in rallying people towards change. Issues about poverty, the importance of family ties, friendships, the ill effects of wars and criminality, political controversies, andequality of genders and races are among the common themes of movies.
• Movies are great emotional boosters. It has the power to make us laugh and cry—both are very effective in neutralizing our stresses. Laughter can improve the tempers, lower the blood pressure, and reduce stress. Even melodramatic and horror movies are said to help individuals grieving from the loss of loved ones and fear from any objects. In fact, there are now groups of practitioners of cinema therapy suggesting movies to watch in order to address depression and stresses.
• Movies can inspire you to be a better person. There are movies that teach about how to solve our current individual issues and help us realize our shortcomings. Have you ever felt more inspired and energetic to pursue your dreams after watching a certain movie?
• Movies are very good entertainment tools. There are times that we need to temporarily forget our problems and sadness. Sometimes, we just need to get away from all those things that are bugging us. And watching movies is a safe and healthy escape.